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Hello everyone!

After 2 years of 3DShe-YouTube... This is how 3DShe looks like.

You can reply the video's question in this journal or in the video's comment session in youtube.

In this journal you can read 8 guessings made by members of the group that didn't know how I looked like:…

Thank you everyone for supporting the group for this 2 years and the art community :)

Edited: The goal of the previous journal wasn't completed... so I removed the video.…
Hello Everyone!

3DShe here ^^

This group needs more 12 days to be 3 years old! (12 days after deviantart's birthday!)

I have seen a lot of tallented artists durring this time, and I am so greatful for all the support everyone has been given to the group and to each other.

Many people helped this group  in so many ways! We even had people presenting artworks in our videos :)

But I feel something is missing... perhaps because I am just words... You just know me from the words I share with you in the group's journal, and widget.
So I feel there are 2 forms of being on the Internet...  ...with just words... and with videos!

Words are the spirit of a person, because you can't see the person, and the video is the person's body,  the visible part of a person.

So many words... just to take your atention for the following question:
Are you curious to see how to founder of 3DShe-YouTube looks like?

Before I can make a video where I am speaking with you using a smartphone, I ask you to help me to get the following milestones!:

1- Subscribe to my youtube channel to help it get 5700 subscribers (33 needed) Press here to subscribe ->…
2- 50 Favs on this journal
3- 10 comments in this journal trying to guess what I look like.
4- Everyone who favs this journal will receive from me a "Thank You" via 2 points donation ^^.

Thank you for being a great community!
Since my last requests did so well, I thought I would do another one! In this one you can request fan art of MLP and FNaf as a crossover! (I LOVE CROSSOVERS!!!)

1. Has to be MLP and FNaF crosover
2. No humans...I can't draw humans...
3. Gore is very welcome
4. No shipping...I don't want to draw ships I may not agree with...or have people arguing...(sorry)

1. :iconghost-minecraft:
2. :icon3dshe:
Hello everyone!

After contacting the admin team of deviantArt, asking if groups can accept join requests after receiving the respetive ammount of points required to join our group..... and if it is ok to use my profile's commission widget to receive the payment from newest members.... here is their answer:

Groups working with points:
"While these features may be emplaced in the future, please understand that given the continually evolving nature of the site, it is currently impossible to say if or when any such changes may occur"

Pay to join the group:
"We would recommend requesting, rather than requiring, donations for membership to any groups".

Using Profile's commission widget to automaticly convert the points paied into money that can be withdrawn via paypal:
"Mandatory payments executed via a widgets platform may be viewed as an attempt to convert Points directly into currency, which is against the Terms of Use for Points and may result in restriction from site privileges".

According to the the information above this group will chance some things:
1- This group will accept every join request to join the group for free, meaning that it will not be required to pay anything to join the group and that those who wish to generously contribute with 10:points: or 100:points: will need from now on need to using only paypal. And the new prices will be visible from the group's homepage. But noting that basicly 10:points: will worth $0,12 and 100:points: will worth $1,20. And every member who have paid before using points and those who will be paing using paypal, will be listed and remembered with affection,... adding to this awesome featured that will be reveled as soon as possible (those featured include 3D Gallery with your artworks, ... and other things that will impress you).

I hope we all can keep up the excelent work we all have been making in this group and in other websites like youtube and facebbok.

It is with great honor that I spend time with this great community!

Thank you,


If you are willing to donate via paypal:
You can chose the ammount by clicking here:
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Group Info


Okay About this group...

"Helping artists through sharing."
(please click the button 'more')

The group 3DShe-YouTube is a group which accepts deviations from many different artist styles. The group is focused on making artists feel welcome on deviantArt.

FAQ #407: How do I remove my deviations from a group?


-> Join Daily Artists Season 5!

-> Subscribe group youtube (6k did!)

-> All Episodes of Daily Artists.

-> Honor Roll.

-> :new: Let's play!

-> All featured youtube channels!

-> Rules and answered questions.

-> Find requested artwork.

-> Remove art from group.

Unlike most groups, our theme is a little different. We focus around an idea rather than a single fandom, art style, or media type. So what is this idea? Well, it just so happens to be the idea of 'sharing'.

You're asking how on earth we could base a group on something as vague as an idea. Well, let us explain as it's not as strange as you think.

Firstly, deviantART was formed around the same idea. They wanted a website were people could share art in a safe and happy community. They wanted a place where people could swap tips and trick. We want the exact same thing.

:dalogo: So, what exactly is this group about?:

Well, in short, our group is made to help artists gain exposure by sharing their pieces.

The second way we help our artists is by showcasing their pieces on our youtube channel. However, we ONLY do this upon specific request from the piece's artist. This way you don't have to worry pieces being taken of DA without your permission. If you want a piece of yours on youtube all you have to do is submit the piece you want showcased into this folder ->… .

So, when you're ready just go on and click our little "join" button. We'll be waiting to add you to our big happy artist family!

>>Press here<<  to help us get 8000 subscribers! Thank you!

But wait! We do other type of video series! 1 for literature, and another serie for new manga pages narrated:)

:dalogo: Other Helpful Links

  • Send a note to 3DShe if you wish to not receive any requests. To undo this just send another note telling us to feel free to continue.

:dalogo: Other Special Folders! Each one with its own "effect":
Before submiting any artwork into any of these 3 folders make sure you know what will happen.
  1. :dalogo:Give a Critique get a Critique! - If you submit your artwork to this folder you are telling people to comment in your artwork... And that you will critique 1 of their artwork back. (If you received too many critiques you can remore your artwork from this folder.)
  2. :new::dalogo: Literature that will be in our videos! The ONLY way for you to have your literature featured in our videos is to submit your literature to this folder! (You will receive a note when your literature is in any of our videos).
  3. :new::dalogo: Artworks that will be in our videos! The ONLY way for you to have your artwork featured in our videos is to submit your artwork to this folder! (You will receive a note when your artwork is in any of our videos).
  4. :dalogo: Deviantart Admins' ARTWORKS In this folder you will find only artworks made by DeviantART's Admins!
  5. :dalogo: Thanks for your Art dedicated to our group! In this folder you will find only artworks made dedicated to our group.

<h1>Extra Requested Artworks!</h1>
Requested Artworks Without a Specific Category For You To Be Surprised when visiting these folders! We have sent you a request to have your artworks featured in our group.
If your artwork was requested, then they are in the following folders to surprice people that want to watch all categories of artworks and not just one category:
(But note that you can remove your art from these folders and submit to our permanent folders. Because the following folders are just to feature artworks for atleast 6 days). FAQ #407: How do I remove my deviations from a group?
    1. Saturday: A - B
    2. Sunday: A
    3. Monday: A
    4. Tuesday: A
    5. :new: Wednesday: A
    6. Thursday: A - B - C - D
    7. Friday: A - B
    Thank you! :hug: (Now you can click the button 'Less')
Founded 2 Years ago
Jul 20, 2014

North America

Group Focus
Support & Cause

23,059 Members
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1,903,867 Pageviews
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"Under constration:

Welcome to 3DShe-YouTube!
- All groups are free to join. But in this group, due to how extraordinary it is, we decided to ask for the minimum amount of points guaranteed and acepted via commission Widget to let new people to join our group.
- 10:points: can be get from dAhub

Name of Image

Even dAhub's free points are valid! Use some in this group, because it worth it.

(Buy any of the following 2 commissions from 3DShe's commission widget):

Become a member of the group for: 10:points:~100:points:
Create your own folder featured for: 10:points:~30:points:

SUPER Members that paid to become SUPER members:

DragonMary99 Member by 3DSheMagusFerox Member by 3DShe
Sperenzap Member by 3DSheLevyfai  Member by 3DSheLifeLoveAndDarkness Member by 3DShesmallthecat Member by 3DSheKamixazia Member by 3DSheLa808Lei Member by 3DShe
SUPER Folders paid dedicated to their own artists:

DragonMary99 Folder by 3DShelifeloveanddarkness Folder by 3DShePossessedBunnyPlush Folder by 3DShe

Give us your opinion in the following journals:

All SUPER Members's ID:
(Adding your ID to your signature makes your comments become featured!):
- dragonmary99's ID:
-MagusFerox's ID:
- LifeLoveAndDarkness's ID
- PossessedBunnyPlush's ID:
- MissClariie's ID:
- Levyfai'S ID:
- SmalltheCat's ID
- Kamixazia's ID
- La808Lei's ID


Welcome - We don't read Notes. Use homepage comments Instead!

It is 10:points: to become a member of the group! Press here to join and/or to get the 10 :points: to join for free. Each folder dedicated to you is also 10:points:.

Subscribe this 1 YouTube channel with 50 Artists inside uploading videos!

How to sign up for the youtube "thing"?
1- Send a note to 3DShe with your gmail address.
2- Accept the invitation we sent to your email.
3- Log in in our youtube channel using your gmail adress.
4- Change between youtube channels anytime you want. 17 seconds tutorial ->…
5- Upload your videos, and add 2 codes to your video's title.
6- Find your 2 codes here:…
7- Read all the information in this journal! (Very important) ->…
8- Upload atleast 1 video monthly!
9- Withdraw 50% of the money your videos make.

-> Join Daily Artists Season 5! or congratulate the members in -> Honor Roll.

    Requested artwork is here:

    Once a folder is full Another Letter will be created: (Also, If other folders are full, please send a note to 3DShe telling to create a new folder (Tell us the folder's name)).
  1. A, B, C, D, E - Fan Art -
  2. A, B, C, D, - Photography -
  3. A, B, C, D - Traditional Art -
  4. A, B, C, D - Digital Art -
  5. A, B, C, D- Cartoons & Comics -
  6. A, B, D, E, F, G, H, I, J - Mangas & Anime -
  7. A, B - Free Category

Little green lights that represents each artist around the world!
Locations of Site Visitors

Press here, to STOP requests.

FAQ #407: How do I remove my deviations from a group?

Interactive story!
Vote from 4 alternative choice and see how the story will develope acording to your choice!


We have a group of deviant people that will request artworks to be in the folders below.
Note that you can remove your artwork from the following folders and resubmit them to the correct folder from our group.
We hope with this to help the 50 artists from our YouTube channel as well :)








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